Advantages of Using Linux VPS Hosting

linux vps hosting

Since nearly a decade, we have seen the popularity of Virtual private server (VPS) or Web hosting services. With the increase in virtualization, there is an increase in requirement, quality of technology and functionality. The increase in Linux VPS hosting is due to rise of startups and companies preferring VPS over other hosting services to host their website or web application today. We have identified few reasons for the popularity of Linux VPS Hosting and how it could be a popular business in the future.

Reliable and Stable

Linux VPS hosting is considered to be more reliable and stable for the basic hosting needs. With emerging of VPS hosting shared hosting will find an end and become the past as the reliability of shared web hosting is losing its credibility by hosting thousands and thousands of customers on the same server.

Your website’s uptime can be impacted, hacked or go down while you’re sharing your web space with many others on the same server. Since the servers accommodate plenty of other users any single spammer can take the server down which means your website will not function during this time. You have to think twice if you want to host your website in shared hosting in the e-commerce world, especially if the website is used for business.


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Linux VPS Hosting


Linux VPS is more powerful, can be controlled a lot more than shared hosting service. The best part of Linux VPS hosting is you would get complete root access to your server, where you can control the setup. With this special feature, you install/uninstall your desired software, OS and much other software which comes as inbuilt with the server in easy and quick steps without asking for any support for your service provider. Linux VPS is highly secure, powerful and optimized for good speed.


Linux VPS hosting is highly scalable. This means you can increase the bandwidth of your consumption as and when required. For example, if you’re starting a website and not aware of traffic you receive, VPS hosting is the best choice because you could scale your bandwidth, resource etc. easily without having any downtime or technical problems.

Affordable Price

Linux VPS hosting is very cost effective and affordable to any small business website compared to highly expensive services in the past. With the popularity of virtualization technology, business competition, and usability the prices of VPS would drop down. You could find VPS hosting at as low as $ 5 per month, which is much cheaper from many shared hosting service providers cost with risk-free.

You never look back to shared hosting space if you switch to VPS hosting services. It’s also important to choose a good service provider with good customer support. Check out DiggDigital’s incubated hosting company for VPS hosting services.

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